The world is such a strange place today that even staying home feels unfamiliar. Everyone is hunkered down, our usual routines are out the window, and things are changing by the minute. Trust us, we understand that very well!

While we are making space for the feelings that each of us needs to feel right now, we are nevertheless hopeful. Our incredible team here at Admiral Travel International has come together under the belief that a brighter tomorrow is not so far away and that together, we will get through this!

The communities we love and depend on for support – the travel industry, our ATInsiders, and our local community here in Sarasota – are strong and will be further strengthened through this experience. One common thread uniting our conversations and thoughts lately is one of immense gratitude. We realize and value that over the course of our 23 years in business, we have experienced once-in-a-lifetime journeys (time and time again) with you and your loved ones — oh, how lucky we are — and right now, everyone in the world is on the same once-in-a-lifetime journey. At least… it had better be just once in my lifetime!

This COVID-19 global journey is proving that despite #SocialDistancing and self quarantines, Zoom conference calls and Netflix binges, we truly are Stronger Together. If our multiple once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences have taught us anything, it is that  humans are naturally social, curious, and resilient creatures, and when the time comes to safely resume regular activities, Admiral Travel will be the first ones there by your side to celebrate.

Virtual Happy Hour

We’ve hopped on one of our favorite trends sweeping the globe right now: Virtual Happy Hour! While we can’t wait to get back to actually clinking glasses (anywhere in the world, we might add), for now, this is the next best thing.

Last week, Malaka hosted a virtual happy hour with a few friends & fellow travel lovers to discuss plans and ideas for future adventures. What a blast! We were pleasantly surprised by the great energy of the group and the eagerness to talk travel… of course, a few glasses of wine don’t hurt! Please email Mal at if you’re interested in virtually joining – or hosting your own group of friends – and we’ll send you an invitation!

Would you like exclusive Admiral Travel International backgrounds to use for our Virtual Happy Hour — or any of the other thousand Zoom calls you’ll surely be having over the few next weeks? Browse and download high-definition backgrounds from around the world shot by Ryan Hilton himself.


Passport To: Virtual Travel

Museums, Wildlife Live Streams, & More

We love this fantastic list created by Condé Nast Traveler of 101 ways to travel virtually.

Of course, nothing is as satisfying as creating real memories in the world’s most incredible destinations, but exploring this list remotely helps fill the void. Some of our highlights include the 2020 Reader’s Choice Awards, Netflix’s best travel movies available right now, the best international recipes for cooking at home, and the top “drunk food” from around the world. And those are just four of the 101 ideas.

So grab yourself a nice snack and a cocktail or two as you “travel” comfortably from your couch and let us know what some of your favorites were!