As we welcome the New Year, the Admiral Travel team wishes you great happiness and good health. Of course, we also wish you safe travels with appreciation for granting us the privilege of designing your next journey.

Are you resolving to travel more this year? Or better yet, this entire decade? If so, you’re in luck, because the Hiltons and our team of Travel Advisors have already done all the heavy-lifting to prepare innovative, over-the-top travel experiences for you, your family and friends. What’s next on your list?



Take advantage of a last-minute opportunity to sail Ponant Le Soleal through Japan, May 30 – June 7, 2020. (Note, this departure did not sail due to COVID-19.) Or explore the visual feast that is Kyoto.  (Note, this departure has been moved to 2021.)


Ready to go first-class all the way? Make the flight one of the most memorable parts of the journey on ATI’s private charter of the Boeing 777 Crystal Skye to (and within) Morocco in May 2021. (ATI Advisor Michael Distler has been on site inspections throughout Morocco this past week!)

Explore the Secrets of Vietnam on our Founders Journey in January 2021, or travel to Africa during The Great Serengeti Migration, June 6-12, 2021, and trek with the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda.

Experience Botswana in June 2021 or a special departure in June/July 2021 in South Africa for the quintessential African safari.



Few voyages ignite the imagination like a journey down to one of the planet’s most remote, extreme and enchanting wilderness: Antarctica. Join the Hiltons for a Founders Journey to Antarctica in January 2022.