We are excited to announce the winning submissions from our first-ever amateur photography competition.

What else to do on long, rainy days while quarantined than relive your favorite Admiral Travel memories!?

All Admiral Travelers were recently invited to participate by submitting images captured on ATI adventures.

Our very own in-house photography expert, Ryan Hilton, judged the competition and selected the winning photograph. Joined on the official ATI jury by daughter Alexandria Hilton, a budding photographer herself, the two set out to find their winner.

What was at stake, you ask? Well, bragging rights among friends & fellow travelers, sure, but the winning photograph has also been uniquely featured on the home page of this NEW Admiral Travel website as well as our social media, with credit to the winner, of course!

Participants were instructed to submit up to three of their favorite photographs prior to 11:59pm on Friday, May 8 to be considered.

Dear Travel Photographers,

We thank you all for participating –  each of your wonderful travel photographs stirred latent wanderlust, stoking our desire to get out there again. We’re just as eager as you are to explore new destinations and experience the local flavors and textures in places we have never been before. Looking through the many varied contest submissions took us around the globe and reminded us of why we do the work we do.

From small-town Europe showing its rich history; to iconic monuments you’ve recognized since you were a toddler; from landscapes beckoning to lace up your walking shoes, to wander along clifftop paths, to really feel the sun and wind on your face, and to really listen to the ocean crashing onto the rocks below; to oceanside sunsets showing gorgeous colors marking the end of an ideal travel day, we saw it all. We felt it all. Families were a theme of your photographs, too: families of animals, and especially families of people journeying with the ones that mean the most to them. We thoroughly enjoyed all of your images and the stories we imagined with each.

The ATI team is so grateful to work with those who are as enthusiastic about memory-making as we are; we are honored that you chose to share these captured memories with us.

(You’re all winners but) Below are today’s winners:

Honorable Mention: Bob Williams

“This photo captures one of our favorite safari experiences: a very
civilized lunch out on the plains. We are the only people for miles and miles, as we enjoy the sights and sounds of present day Africa. We recognize that 100 years ago adventurers may have been in this exact spot and the view has not changed.”

Runner- Up: Galen Griffin

“We chose two camps at Phinda (Forest and Mountain) based on Michael’s suggestions/recommendations. We had been to many S.A. and Botswana camps with no luck sighting black rhinos, and only some luck with cheetahs. Phinda seemed to offer both. We saw A LOT of cheetahs and, finally, on our last day at mountain lodge, thanks to the dogged efforts of our guide, we finally saw a black rhino out in the open ! We got totally soaked hurtling back to the lodge, but it was worth it.  As an aside, we thought the food at the lodge was equal to that of Mala Mala, Londelozi, Mambo, etc…
Nevertheless, the cheetahs were the star of the show.”

First Prize: “The Same, but Different” by Melinda Bezozo

“This photo signified a moment that was a decade in the making. Our trip to Egypt a decade earlier had been canceled and as Egyptian history enthusiasts, we were gravely disappointed. In this photo, disbelief and awe are the most prevalent feelings as we could hardly believe we had finally made it to such a monumental location.”