Travel to the world’s most sought-after destinations along with like-minded travelers and your hosts. Founder Journeys are hosted by ATI Founder and CEO, Malaka Hilton, with select departures escorted by our Admiral Travel advisors or partner hosts. VIPLane departures are hosted by Malaka Hilton with select departures hosted by Africa Specialist Ryan Hilton, ATI experiential leaders as well as special guest hosts. VIPLane departures are by invitation only to members of our exclusive loyalty club.

If the escorted departure dates don’t work for you, or you prefer to travel independently, your Admiral Travel advisor will be delighted to customize your departure based on our Journey Collection itineraries. Click the digital postcards below to view each itinerary and become inspired for your next adventure.





Luxury Private Jet Experiences

Take your travel to the next level when you take flight to some of the world’s most sought-after destinations aboard luxurious private jets chartered by Admiral Travel International. Reach destinations that commercial planes may never go, with amenities, space, and intimacy for a true care-free travel experience.

Flying private is for those seeking adventure without the hassle. Browse our curated collection of exciting destinations hand-picked for private travel and click below to add your name to the list for more information on these exclusive journeys.