March 21 – March 24, 2025

Arrive to Egypt three days prior to beginning your journey and acclimate to the sights, sounds, and tastes of Fayoum. Unwind into the rich history and culture of this storied region before continuing your journey to Luxor.

March 21, 2025 Arrivals into Cairo Spend your afternoon and evening at leisure, with an overnight stay at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Cairo. The Waldorf Astoria Cairo, a luxury hotel in Egypt’s vibrant capital, offers a blend of modern elegance and timeless hospitality. Nestled in the heart of the city, it provides stunning views of the Nile River and is conveniently located near major attractions like the Pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum. Guests can enjoy world-class amenities, exquisite dining options, and a serene spa, ensuring a memorable and opulent stay in one of the world’s most historic cities.

Enjoy the remainder of day at your leisure.

March 22, 2025 Cairo to Fayoum

This morning, embark on a drive from Cairo to the Tunis Village in Fayoum, a journey of approximately three hours. By noon, you will arrive at the luxurious Lazib Inn Resort & Spa, where you may indulge in a delightful lunch at the hotel.

Check-in to your accommodation and relish the remainder of the day at your leisure, immersing yourself in the serene ambiance and exquisite amenities of the resort. Dinner arrangements are left to your discretion, offering the freedom to explore the local culinary delights.

Opposite Tunis Village, Lake Qarun, Egypt’s largest saltwater lake, stretches for 40 kilometers along the main road. This sparkling lake, with its inviting beach, is perfect for day trips and offers excellent opportunities for bird watching. Here, you can observe a variety of avian species, including grebes, ducks, gulls, herons, and the distinctive hoopoe, native to the Egyptian countryside.

March 23, 2025 – Fayoum Begin your day with a sumptuous breakfast. Afterwards, meet your guide and embark on an exhilarating exploration of Fayoum’s breathtaking landscape. Traveling in a 4×4 vehicle, you’ll journey through some of the region’s most picturesque spots.

Your first destination is Wadi Hitan, aptly named the “Valley of the Whales.” This remarkable site is home to hundreds of fossils of the earliest, now-extinct whales. It holds immense significance as the world’s most important location for demonstrating the evolution of whales from land-based animals to ocean-going mammals, earning it the designation of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. This awe-inspiring valley is a must-see for any visitor.

Next, visit the Climate Change Museum, which opened in January 2016. This modern museum boasts a unique collection of fossils, including the largest intact Basilosaurus whale fossil. Established through a collaboration between the UN agency, the Egyptian government, and financial support from the Italian government via the Egyptian-Italian Environmental Cooperation Program (EIECP), the museum aims to raise awareness and educate the public about climate change and mitigation strategies.

  • Copyright: © UNESCO. Source: Véronique Dauge

Basilosaurus whale fossil in the Climate Change Museum

Continue your journey to the enchanting Magic Lake, a hidden gem nestled between towering sand dunes. This lake lives up to its name by changing colors depending on the time of day and season of your visit.

Following this, explore Wadi El Rayan, a natural depression in the Western Desert of Egypt, lying 42 meters below sea level. It comprises two lakes, including the Magic Lake, connected by Egypt’s only waterfall.

Magic Lake via InsideEgypt

Enjoy an included lunch.

After an exciting day, you will be transferred back to Lazib Inn, where the remainder of the day is at your leisure. Dinner arrangements are left to your discretion, allowing you to unwind and dine as you wish.

March 24, 2025 Fayoum to Cairo to Luxor Start your day with a delightful breakfast at the hotel, followed by check-out.

This morning, visit Tunis Village, Fayoum’s picturesque arts center renowned for its pottery craftsmanship. In 1962, the famous poet Sayed Hegab with his Swiss wife Evelynne Porret came to the village. They fell in love with the place, quickly purchased land to build a house and the pottery workshop “Fayoum Pottery School” which taught generations of locals a refinement of their art, propelling their products to national celebration. This quaint little workshop has become part of the Tunis community.

Many famous writers, intellectuals, artists and architects came and purchase houses in it, thus was born the intellectual community that is now Tunis. A walk around the village will reveal plenty more pottery schools and stores. It is a great chance to see the young artists making their wares and purchase examples of their craft.

At 11:00, drive a 2 hour route to the Maidum Pyramid, also known as the Seila or Silah Pyramid. Originally a seven-stepped pyramid later expanded to eight steps, it was eventually transformed into a true pyramid with a smooth outer casing, though this has now collapsed, leaving debris around the base. Its unique structure stands dramatically on the desert’s edge, the only monument in the area. Believed to have been initiated by Huni, the last ruler of the 3rd Dynasty, and completed by his son, Sneferu, in the 4th Dynasty, the Maidum Pyramid offers a fascinating glimpse into ancient Egyptian architectural evolution.

After your visit, continue the journey back to Cairo, with an approximately 90-minute drive. Upon arrival at Cairo Airport at 3:30 PM, prepare for your flight to Luxor.

Upon landing in Luxor, be transferred to your hotel and continue your adventure in Egypt!

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