It’s hard to believe the holidays are just around the corner!  With the festive season in mind, our ATI Travel Advisors – millions of miles and hundreds of passport stamps across the group – have compiled a list of can’t-leave-home-without items that make perfect gifts for the travel lover in your life. 

If you’re making your list and checking it twice, any traveler on your shopping list would be thrilled to unwrap any of these ATI-vetted products.  Whether there’s a departure on the calendar he’s preparing for, or she’s dreaming of her next getaway, this list has something for everyone.  Highlights include the best neck pillow out there, a South African kikoi, Mal’s favorite facial mist, and even a kid-friendly inflatable airplane bed. 



Packing cube travel organizers really do help to keep you stay organized, your clothes neat, and save space!  – Amanda 

Cord organizer pouches are a great way to keep all of those cords and necessary tech gear from taking over your carry-on.  I never leave home without mine! – Michelle

This secure hidden bra strap pouch is great solution for women to keep money, IDs and credit cards safe from pickpockets and thieves. Made with soft-to-the-touch fabric and hides discreetly under clothing. -Taryn 

A colorful passport and documents holder means you don’t have to fumble around in the security line for your boarding pass. – Alexis 



For convenience and quality, you can’t beat Apple AirPods.  No explanation needed! – Isabelle 

This tiny iPhone nightlight shaped like a lampshade will light up your hotel room or aircraft seat without disrupting your neighbors. Let there be light! – Taryn 

For the avid photographer, bringing an external Hard Drive is a convenient way to securely store and back-up your most precious travel memories: your photographs. – Michael 

A multipurpose Travel Power Adapter is a MUST for any traveler.  – Michelle 

What you see can make your experience, so take your safari to another level with these Leica 10 x 42 Trinovid HD binoculars. They are powerful enough to provide you with good reach and crisp sharpness. PRO TIP: Stability is important, so with the glasses up to your face, rest your elbows on the game-watching vehicle’s seatback in front of you and armrests beside you. – Ryan



Handy not only when traveling but also to throw one in your everyday bag is a refillable perfume atomizer.  – Jolene 

Airplanes are dehydrating enough, then when you add in some bubbles, this Elemis Superfood Kefir Tea Mist will be sure to help you look & feel fresh. – Malaka 

This Amika Mini Hair Dryer is not only cute but powerful. – Jolene 

A classic black leather jacket works for almost every climate, goes with most outfits and never goes out of style. Mine has been all over Europe, Africa, Australia/New Zealand and North America – Alexis 

These Merrill hiking shoes have just the right amount of all-round support with very good stability and grip.  The leather protects your feet from thorns in the African bush, too. – Ryan

There are thousands of options for neck pillows, but go for the memory foam one that clips in the front to bring it close together to keep your neck straight! – Isabelle 

I’ve used this Kikoi (South African lightweight versatile cloth) as a scarf, head wrap, beach wrap or even as a blanket in a pinch. – Michael 

Can’t leave the US without a European Flat Iron since the American one with an adapter tends to blow up the entire hotel’s electric circuit.  – Malaka 



A must-have for any longer hauls with the kids in economy is this Toddler and Kids Inflatable Airplane Bed. – Michael

Using a TSA-approved luggage lock is best so that they don’t cut off your own lock and leave your luggage open.  – Amanda