Travel is essential to many of us.  Travel brings joy and inspires. Travel ignites a longing for knowledge, deeper connections and more travel. Travel inspires us to look within and ask how we can do better and it is not something that we thought could be stripped from our collective embrace so suddenly. In the case of a global pandemic, other things necessarily present themselves as most important and ‘essential’ takes on a new meaning. We at Admiral Travel relish in our duty to stay active, to continue contributing to the health of our community and designing dreams for its members. 

Admiral Travel International recently sent out a Future Travel Survey to its traveler audience, with the pledge to donate $1,000 to relief efforts for local hospitality workers for every 50 surveys completed.  With nearly 150 submissions, we were able to donate $3,000 from our donor-advised fund and gleaned valuable information throughout the journey. 

We have most definitely learned that our travel family is ready to get back out into the world as soon as it is safe to do so; above all else, however, persists this golden nugget: there is strength in numbers. Supporting our neighbors in times of tremendous adversity such as these is crucial to the well-being of our community and we were delighted to see our traveler audience respond to our survey with an enthusiasm as energized as ours. 

We’re listening to you and we are eager as ever to show you what is in store. A bunch of travel professionals in one place at the same time is unusual, yes, but what will come out of our forced-family-fun-time is bound to be extraordinary, just you wait.