September 14 – 24, 2024

Explore the majestic fjordlands of South Greenland.

Join Admiral Travel as they discover the land of contrasts, with rugged mountains rising up from the sea, deep fjords carved by glaciers, and icebergs floating in the waters of Southern Greenland. It is a place of raw beauty and untamed wilderness, and it is sure to leave a lasting impression on any visitor.

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September 14th, 2024 – REYKJAVÍK, ICELAND is known for its colorful houses, its geothermal activity, and its proximity to natural wonders such as the Blue Lagoon and the Golden Circle. Explore the city and see the Hallgrímskirkja church who’s iconic stature offers stunning views of the city, or The Sun Voyager which was sculpted as a stylized representation of a Viking ship sailing towards the sun.

Enjoy your day exploring Iceland’s capital city!

The private charted jet takes off in the early afternoon the next day to transport you onto your voyage.

The Sun Voyager

Hallgrímskirkja church

Expedition Overview

Explore remote ridges and vast peaks during an Exclusive Heli Landing, which is included in the trip

– Marvel at the Northern Lights lighting up the skies above South Greenland’s stunning fjords

– Experience Greenlandic cultural highlights with local partners

– Set foot on the Greenland Ice Sheet, the second-largest ice mass in the world

– Choose from off-ship activities geared to all levels of fitness and interests, ranging from relaxed camping to heli-hiking

– Visit the Kujataa UNESCO World Heritage site to learn about the intersection of Inuit and Viking cultures.


September 15, 2024 Narsarsuaq, Greenland In the early afternoon, you will be transferred to Keflavík Airport in Iceland where you will board a private charter flight to Narsarsuaq Airport in Greenland. Narsarsuaq is a scenic community located in Tunulliarfik Fjord and is the gateway to South Greenland. It was originally established as a U.S. military base in the 1940s and is now managed by Mittarfeqarfiit, the Greenlandic Airport Authority. After your flight, you will board the Ultramarine cruise ship and set sail for your next destination.

September 16 – 17, 2024The Wild East Jagged peaks, tumbling glaciers, ice- laden landscapes, alpine vistas and the search for the King of the Arctic. We set out to explore the wild fjords of Greenland’s uninhabited east coast. In these isolated fjords, paleo-Inuit hunters and fishermen once lived off the land and the sea. Today, traces of these peoples can still be found against the backdrop of cascading glaciers and steep-walled mountains.

Marine mammals such as polar bears and humpback whales are frequently seen in these fjords. The alpine terrain is perfect for exploring by sea, land, and air. Hiking, paddling, and Zodiac cruises are all popular activities in the wild east.

Septmeber 18 – 20, 2024 – Artic Patagonia – The southern tip of Greenland is home to a stunning maze of fjords, sounds, and islands. One of the most scenic fjords in the world, Prins Christian Sund, is located here. Guests can enjoy dramatic mountain and seascapes, glaciers tumbling down to the sea, and stunning vistas around every corner.

The few villages in this region are home to Southern Greenlanders who have remained faithful to their hunting and fishing heritage. In Aappilattoq, guests can learn about the local culture and traditions, including hunting, fishing, and music.

If you are looking for the most iconic peaks of South Greenland, Tasermiut Fjord is the place to go. The 70-kilometer fjord is home to the impressive Sermeq glacier and the imposing peaks of Nalumasortoq and Ulamertorsuaq. Guests can go hiking or take a helicopter ride to enjoy the stunning scenery.


September 21-23 , 2024 – The WestlandsThe Greenland Ice Sheet, Viking history, and the Kujataa UNESCO World Heritage site are all part of this contrast-filled journey.

The Western fjords are home to lush valleys and pastures, thanks to the warm microclimates that exist there. These microclimates have allowed South Greenlandic farming traditions to thrive, and many families still work their remote sheep farms today.

The Greenland Ice Sheet is also located in the West, and it is the largest mass of ice in the northern hemisphere. During the included Greenland Ice Sheet Experience, you will have the opportunity to explore the ice sheet, hike the surrounding foothills, and cruise or paddle through the azure ice-filled waters.

Before you depart for Reykjavik, you will spend a day visiting the sites surrounding Narsarsuaq, including the Kujataa UNESCO World Heritage Site. This site is a living history lesson in Viking farming, and you will also have the opportunity to visit the charming settlement of Qassiarsuk.

In Narsarsuaq, you can explore the remains of Brattahlíð, Erik the Red’s estate, and visit the museum. You can also hike to Signal Hill for a panoramic view of the town.

Before your flight back to Reykjavik, you will enjoy a farewell dinner at the iconic Hotel Narsarsuaq.

Upon landing back at Reykjavik’s international airport, you will be transferred to a hotel in nearby Keflavik.

September 24, 2024 – Depart Reykjavik This is no ordinary disembarkation day. On the day of disembarkation, you will wake up in Narsarsuaq and have the whole day to explore the area. You can hike up Signal Hill, visit the Narsarsuaq museum, or head across the fjord to Qasiarsuk. Qasiarsuk is a small sheep farming community that was once the home of Erik the Red and Leif Erikson. You can visit the replica of a Norse longhouse and church, and see well-preserved ancient Viking ruins. In the afternoon, you will have a farewell dinner at the Hotel Narsarsuaq before flying back to Reykjavik.

After arriving in Reykjavik, you will be transferred to your post-expedition hotel. You can stay in Reykjavik for the night or connect with your onward flight the next morning.

Aboard Ultramarine

Ultramarine is a vessel of wonder and discovery. With its two twin-engine helicopters, it can take you to the most remote corners of the polar regions, where you can explore hidden glaciers, icebergs, and wildlife

Ultramarine also offers the most spacious suites in its category, so you can relax in comfort after a long day of adventure. And with its breathtaking public spaces and more outdoor wildlife viewing spaces than other expedition ships its size, you’ll never miss a moment of the magic of the polar regions.

But Ultramarine is more than just a beautiful ship. It’s also committed to sustainability, with an innovative mix of features that exceed all industry standards. This means that you can explore the polar regions with peace of mind, knowing that you’re helping to protect these fragile ecosystems.

With all this and more, Ultramarine is the ultimate polar expedition experience. So come aboard and let us whisk you away to a world of wonder and discovery.

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