The travel industry right now can be compared to a flock of ducks gliding beautifully across a pond.  From the observer’s perspective, it’s a lovely scene: all smiles, swimming along gracefully in a perfect line.  But from under the surface, it’s chaos. The duck’s webbed feet are paddling like hell to get the job done.

While from the outside looking in, the travel industry feels like it’s bounced back without skipping a beat, behind the scenes, things are a bit chaotic.  We have to hand it to our suppliers and partners who are like Olympic gymnasts, performing acrobatic feats in every attempt to make every guest happy.  It’s beyond impressive – and while our team can relate to the feelings of being stretched thin – there’s only so much we ATI advisors can do for you when we’re not on the same continent.

This summer has been full of every type of travel anecdote for our ATInsiders – the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. Let’s look back on some memorable incidents (and some we’d rather forget), to understand how we can all work together to ensure that every experience is nothing less than perfection in the future.



Happy ATInsiders enjoying travel for the first time in 2 years:

We made it to the KIA ORA. WOW…. We are in paradise.. PICTURES to come.. BEAUTIFUL.

Travelers feeling grateful, despite the bumps:

“Malaka, I am hard pressed to identify any element of this trip which fell short.  Luggage gets lost — it happens — not a big deal.  The entire trip was incredible and exceeded my sky-high expectations.  Even the other guests were wonderful and I hope that our paths cross again soon. Ryan & you were great hosts and enhanced our experience.  THANK YOU — we cannot wait to travel with you again!”



Lost luggage is almost inevitable in this day and age. 

Use the concierge service we suggest! If it happens, we strongly recommend that you physically GO to the airport and demand to see the luggage room.  Look into Apple Airtags: these handy little electronic devices use Bluetooth and WiFi networks to help track your items. consider investing & learning how to use.  Pack essentials, including a change of clothes, and any critical medications in your carry-on.

Secure your most valuable items immediately.

A passport was left on an airplane.  Our ground team adjusted reservations because the guest had to fly home. Lesson learned – always put your passport right back in your carry-on or personal bag once you’re settled in your seat.!

Overbooked in Paris

It was late when the guests arrived to their hotel in Paris, and unfortunately, they were turned away. ATI was able to secure a new hotel room nearby ASAP, luckily!



Read your documents.

In one instance, the location of a villa in Mykonos ended up not being the right fit for the client.  This booking ended with a broken contract.  It’s important to READ your documentation and discuss with us before you depart any concerns you might have or specific wishes for proximity, setting, etc.



Because of so many of our partners having lost revenue during the pandemic, unfortunately, even with all of our global connections I can’t call in favors the way I used to… especially when it comes to fees or rollovers.

The ripple effects of Covid are still affecting the hospitality workforce.  Pent-up demand has overwhelmed and overworked staff.  Staff outages become a domino effect that impact almost every aspect of operations.

So the biggest takeaway from this summer travel season is somewhat commonsensical, but bears repeating:  be as patient and as kind as you possibly can with the workers you encounter.  The old adage rings true that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar!  We appreciate that the overwhelming majority of you have maintained positive outlooks on the situation, and that you’ve shared your wonderful (and not so wonderful) experiences with us.

Admiral Travel remains your travel intel insider – we’ll always report back to your our first-hand experiences and share other guests’ testimony – as together we navigate the next era of international travel.  Stay well, and keep travel dreaming!